A mini guide to minimalism

If you’ve ever drooled over spacious yet stylish abodes in magazines and didn’t think you could create - or maintain - that look at home, minimalism is your answer.

While we are still hibernating at home, take the opportunity to ditch once and for all the unused, unwanted or ugly stuff that’s accumulated over the years - and reveal the fresh, light and airy abode you knew was always lurking behind bursting wardrobes and piles of possessions.

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It’s easier to see the things that surround you in the spaces we inhabit during isolation. Our homes are our havens - the places we find comfort and connection in - yet are sometimes filled to the brim with décor, paperwork and possessions. This can make you feel overwhelmed, disorganised and unable to find what we need when we want it!

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  • There's less stuff to clean, maintain, repair and store - which frees up my time, money and energy to do more of what I love.
  • Your mind feels clear and focused and your surroundings inspire rather than enslave you. 
  • There are no rules - what feels cluttered to some may feel cosy, comforting or stimulating to others.  How much stuff you live with is completely up to you. 
  • Stark, cold, sterile or empty.
  • An absence of possessions or luxuries.
  • Spaciousness, calm and the avoidance of excess.
  • Living with only what you truly love and need. 

The state of your life is a reflection of the state of your surroundings.

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Why I embraced minimalism

After I decluttered my home and embraced minimalism a decade ago, it’s become the clear and calm thread that runs through my home, work and entire life.  It also ties in with feng shui, creating the perfect canvas upon which to redirect the flow of energy through your home.

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  1. Snap a few “before” photos to compare with “after” - you’ll feel proud and pumped to stay clutter-free in future.
  2. Label a bunch of boxes THROW, REPAIR, RECYCLE, DONATE and SELL.
  3. Go room by room - take everything out of each drawer and wardrobe so you can see exactly what you’ve got.
  4. Clean every surface to encourage yourself to treat your belongings with respect in future.
  5. Decide what to put back based on positive feelings each item generates, its usefulness and condition.
  6. Decide what to eliminate based on negative associations, condition or lack of usefulness - using your boxes to sort (and make sure you do throw out|repair|etc the contents).
  7. Snap your “after” photos and reward yourself with something that makes you feel proud of your efforts (champagne is always a good idea).

Minimalism black and white interior styling coral artwork cowhide rug


Be gentle on yourself …

when tackling possessions that trigger emotions - kids’ drawings, correspondence from loved ones or sentimental jewellery.  Throw out anything that triggers unhappy memories and only keep what touches your heart.

Don’t overlook …

your handbag, phone and computer which can be just as chaotic and overstuffed as your home. 

Consider scanning to cloud based storage …

kids’ drawings, school reports, financial papers and personal documents - then ditch the papers.

Apply the one-in-one-out rule …

when buying anything in future and ask yourself, Do I truly love|need this?

Minimalism black and white interior decor cowhide rug white bedroom

See you soon | À bientôt



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