A Seaside Town in the Heart of a Rainforest

So much pristine beauty, sunshine and seafood … but with no sunglasses or sunblock, I bet Captain Cook fried like a prawn on a barbie when he landed in this pristine corner of Australia in 1770.

1770 Australia cafe carved entrance1770 : A seaside town in the heart of a rainforest

WHERE IS 1770?

Where Captain Cook landed in Queensland, Australia in the year 1770 is the official birthplace of what’s known as the “Sunshine State”.  And for good reason. I can only imagine what he and his crew felt when they first laid eyes on the rainforest-fringed, aqua playground this part of Australia is. 

Butterfly forest Agnes Waters 1770I recently enjoyed a sojourn at the main resort - Lagoons 1770 - where every day is a glorious fusion of piña coladas by the resort’s lagoon pool, swims in the nearby reef, walks through the enchanting “butterfly forest” and day trips to nearby Lady Musgrove Island.

The colours captivate me: vast blue skies, aqua lagoon reefs, emerald green forests and bromeliad flowers in shades of hot pink, orange and yellow.

Sunglasses glued to my face from sunup to sundown, I am bedazzled by so much sunlight and beauty.

1770 Australia lagoon aqua beach coveWHAT’S TO LOVE ABOUT 1770

From aqua waters to pristine tropical forests and hidden garden cafés through which kangaroos roam and back to the resort for poolside feasting on exotic cuisine (obligatory glass or two of Moët in hand) … I am swept away by so much lushness and abundance, I very quickly lose track of what day of the week it is!

1770 Lagoons Resort pool cabanaTOP EXPERIENCES TO ENJOY IN 1770

1.  Adventure

If you’re new to stand up paddle-boarding, you’ll love doing it for the first time in these calm, expansive aqua waters nestled into the cove at 1770.  Congratulate yourself afterwards with a cheeky cocktail at the 1770 Beach Hotel, a chilled out bar overlooking the forest boardwalk and white sandy beach.

2.  Wildlife

Getting up close and (almost) personal with intimidating, potentially dangerous kangaroos roaming freely in the tropical gardens at Getaway Garden Café … just don’t make eye contact!

1770 Australia garden café3.  Nature

From the moment you step into the paperbark forest in nearby Agnes Waters you’ll sense a hushed, almost spiritual silence punctuated only by the flapping wings of butterflies as they flit among the peeling, papery bark of the forest trees and huge cabbage palms.

4.  Drink + Dine

Poolside at Plantations Restaurant, in the resort at Lagoons 1770.  Because the menu is an exotic fusion of Italian, Asian, seafood and Aussie cuisines.  I like to blame this place for the extra few kilos I gained while staying here.

1770 Lagoons Resort seafood by the poolHappy holidays | Bon vacance

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