Welcome to a sneak peek at LA BOUTIQUE! Luxuriously crafted décor and fine art photography featuring exotic travel and beautiful blooms, launching soon.

My adventures have taken me to some of the most sought after destinations in the world : fom the shores of iconic Aussie beach haven Byron Bay … through wild African safaris … to my champagne-and-croissant life in Paris … and the tropical wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef (to name just a few).

La Boutique Barbara Oxland gallery tropical art Great Barrier Reef

With my camera always at hand, I’m compelled to capture the ambience, the magic and the lesser known delights I’m fortunate to experience at each destination.  Having a background in fine art and interior styling, it was natural to evolve into combining my artistic skills with my photographic passions … and create luxuriously crafted décor featuring only the most beautiful images.

La Boutique Barbara Oxland gallery tropical art Great Barrier Reef


I believe your surroundings are priceless and that where you dwell is worth investing in … because how you style your abode determines how you feel in it. I want to help you transform your surroundings by offering limited edition, curated collections designed to inspire and delight.

I love to showcase the natural beauty of each subject, but of equal importance to me is capturing a story or emotion in every image - to both inspire and transport you to exotic realms!

Your abode deserves to look and feel like a stylish, magazine-worthy haven.

La Boutique Barbara Oxland gallery tropical art Great Barrier ReefThe official launch of LA BOUTIQUE is coming soon. Each exclusive collection is unique and the first will draw from my tropical travels, so if you haven’t already - join the VIP launch list now !
See you soon | À bientôt

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