Breakfast With A Beautiful View

It’s not quite Breakfast At Tiffanys - but Breakfast On The Great Barrier Reef is the next best thing.

It’s high summer now in the tropics of Australia - around 30°C by breakfast time (that’s 86°F in the northern hemisphere), but that doesn’t stop me taking my petit déjeuner each morning outside on my tiny balconette. And why wouldn’t you, with a view like this ?

Townsville Great Barrier Reef coconut palms

Breakfast in paradise

My apartment faces the Coral Sea of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I enjoy views through swaying coconut palms to Magnetic Island on the horizon. Pure magic !

Most mornings lately, I am up at 5am before it gets too hot - walking or running along the beachfront, plunging into the sea for a refreshing dip, then back home for a ritual I relish each morning - breakfast with a tropical view.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not take time to honour this hour for yourself ? Although my balconette in my beachside abode is trés petite and the table a little rustic, I make breakfast look pretty and sit down to drink tea, journal and reflect on the magnificent view.

Townsville Great Barrier Reef coconut palms pankcakes in paradise

Morning rituals

Journalling and drinking French Earl Grey tea en plein air (outdoors) are non-negotiables for me at the start of each day. I have a gratitude journal and visualisation journal to keep me focused on my highest aspirations.

What’s on the menu Down Under ?

Most mornings during summertime, I’m eating lightly - granola, coconut yogurt and fresh tropical fruits.

In place of croissants and confiture (jam preserves) that I used to have for breakfast in Paris, I sometimes partake of quintessentially Aussie fare - Vegemite with my eggs on toast, or maple syrup over homemade banana pancakes.

Townsville Great Barrier Reef muesli tropical breakfast

Say bonjour in the tropics

Sometimes I miss a little French flair at breakfast and will grab a delectable pastry from my local bakery, or set my petite rustic table with a delicate and feminine tea set and pretend I’m still in Paris.

Townsville Great Barrier Reef pretty breakfast french style patisseries

Breakfast on the go

If I’m in a rush to get out the door, I’ll make a quick and simple smoothie. Sometimes it will be packed with berries and topped with granola, or a green smoothie with spinach, cucumber, coconut water, vanilla protein powder and frozen bananas.

Townsville Great Barrier Reef coconut palms berry smoothie breakfast

Happy breakfast | Bon apétit !

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