Lucky me, after two years living in Paris, to land in Australia and move straight into a charming little haven of French style. 

Parisian interior style decor blue chinoiserie white coral pink peoniesFRENCH STYLE IN AUSTRALIA

Apart from a fromagerie and pâtisserie missing from my doorstep, I may as well still be in Paris!

Set in a tranquil, palm tree-fringed Brisbane suburb is the charming maisonette in which I’ve come to spend the summer, landing happily with my bum in the proverbial butter.

Parisian interior style french decor pink glassware floral tea setThe owner fell in love with French style during a trip to Paris and the Côte d’Azur.  Her modern townhouse acts as a canvas for what she calls “the classic elegance of Paris merged with the vibrant colours of the south of France”.

Merging, or assemblage, is at the heart of French style. Meaning to group together found or unrelated objects, it creates contradiction and dynamic tension for which the French are famous, in lifestyle and love.
Parisian interior style french decor blue and white ginger jars kitchen decorCONTRADICTIONS, FRENCH STYLE
  • A Chanel purse swinging off your shoulder and white sneakers on your feet.
  • Messy bed hair and a perfectly drawn red pout.
  • Vintage chandeliers paired with modern furniture.
  • A cheeky “C’est pas possible” (no way, hosay) could mean “Perhaps I will let you seduce me … but convince me first”!
The French have an innate ability to create an intoxicating mix of finesse and flamboyance with ease.
Parisian interior style french decor Bonne Maman jam jar white jasmineIn a country full of architecture designed to withstand the harsh Aussie elements, it’s a treat to escape into a cocoon of French-style soft textures, feminine French flowers and colours paired with modern furniture … while sipping a glass of champagne, bien sûr.

Parisian interior style french decor blue and white ginger jars white coral pink peonies

How to create your own French style at home
  • Embrace contradictions and be audacious with your personal style.
  • Mix the old with the new - an 18th century dresser and ultra-modern lighting. 
  • Display exotic, eastern art alongside a pretty duck egg blue sofa. 
  • Pair chinoiserie pieces like blue & white ginger jars with bright pink peonies.
  • Create a balance between comfort and style - weave treasured, less-than-pristine family heirlooms in amongst your modern pieces.
  • Add orchids, peonies and roses for instant lusciousness and they don’t always need to be fresh; quality faux blooms are gorgeous too.
Parisian interior style french decor floral linen upholsteryCOLOURS OF FRENCH INTERIOR STYLE

Emulate the colours of the French flag - blue, white, red. Choose berry pinks, Mediterranean blues and nougat coloured neutrals with a dash of soft gold.

Parisian interior style french table decor french cheeseSee you soon | À bientôt


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