Start the day with bonjour and end it with champagne

That was a cute piece of advice a girlfriend gave me before I said au revoir to Byron Bay for my new life in Paris, which captured my imagination and immediately became my cheeky intention.

Far from being just a greeting, I’ve discovered bonjour to be a way of being.  It opens doors to all kinds of communications throughout the day, fosters a positive attitude with others and basically says oui! to life … French style.  


Here’s how to add a dose of French bubbles to your daily life (excuse the pun).


The French take time to enjoy life, not rush through it.  Before I moved from Byron Bay to Paris, I was always running on the beach or at yoga class by 6am, downing a kale smoothie by 8am then rushing to work by 9am.

Not in Paris!  Because bedtimes are so much later in summer and mornings are darker in winter, it’s too damn hard to rise at that kind of hour. I have girlfriends in Paris who take until 11am to get out the door.

  • Make love before getting out of bed for work.

  • Wake up naturally without an alarm.

  • Brew a Nespresso and take it back to bed with the newspaper.

  • En route to work, savour your coffee where you buy it - in a real cup, sitting down, sans portable (without your mobile).

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