Why Neutrals Are Nice in the Home

Think neutrals are boring?  Cringe at the thought of ‘boring beige’ or ‘hospital white’? Think again! Neutrals are their own colour and a chance to evoke calm and relaxation with a colour scheme that will never date.

St Barts Brisbane white coral hurricane candlesWhat are neutral colours?

Neutrals can appear to be without colour - such as beige, grey, black and white - but actually embrace colour in subtle ways. They can also be ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ on the colour spectrum.

For example, white may have undertones of yellow, making it warm. Black may appear blueish, making it cool. Grey may be cool or warm depending on its undertones. In this way, neutrals are great for warming up or cooling down a room!

St Barts Brisbane black antique sideboardWhy use a neutral colour scheme?

Use neutrals if you would like your interiors to feel :

  • Calm, relaxing and quiet
  • Chic and harmonious
  • Organic, natural and earthy
  • Clean, light and airy

Island Luxe Byron Bay outdoor decor7 REASONS NEUTRALS ARE SO NICE

1.  Show offs

Neutrals make the most versatile backdrop.  You can layer more neutrals on top without it looking busy, or add pops of bolder colours and metallics without it clashing or looking garish.  Neutrals also allow the lines of furniture and architecture to come alive, allowing your personal tastes and style to come to the foreground.

2.  Timeless beauty

Have you ever painted a wall in a bright colour or bought a bold coloured piece of furniture, then regretted it a few years later?  You’ll never get tired of neutrals. When you’re in the mood, it’s easy to add pops of colour with fresh blooms, cushions, bath towels or bed linen.  In that sense they’re cost effective, allowing you to avoid buyer’s remorse and ensuring a scheme that will never grow old.

3.  Versatility plus

Your personal style may change over time but neutrals will always be classic, allowing you to add your style as your life and tastes evolve.

4.  Let the light in

Light coloured neutrals allow light to bounce around, making your surroundings seem larger, more bright and airy.

5.  Any style, any period

Neutrals are flexible and work across all genres and periods - contemporary, traditional, modern, coastal and Hamptons. 

6.  Staging success

If you’re looking to sell, staging your home with neutrals allows potential buyers to envisage their own possessions against your surroundings, increasing your chances of selling. If you’re styling an Airbnb or holiday home, neutrals style and photograph well, attracting more visitors.

7.  Gender neutral

Don’t want the usual pink or blue option for the nursery or kiddies room? Pick gender-neutral neutrals instead!

Shackpalace Rituals Byron Bay table decorHow to decorate with neutrals 

  • You can incorporate neutrals in two ways : the all-neutral room with background walls, furniture, wall art and décor all in neutral shades OR neutrals as a backdrop, providing you with the freedom to choose complementary colours.
  • A neutral background needs lots of texture.  Add tactile textures such as sisal, rough hewn timber, nubby linens and textural tiles like travertine.

  • Mix up “cool” or “warm” neutrals.  There are limitless options in the colour spectrum from pale white, beige and cream to taupe, mushroom, chocolate and charcoal. In fact it’s the contrast between a cool and warm tone that makes it vibrant. I love a cool charcoal paired with warm caramel, or a cool silver with warm gold.

  • You can have your favourite colour in neutral! Many neutral paint colours, furniture and décor have undertones of other colours for example, beige-bordering-on-blush.

  • Now is the time for metallics. Bring in warm tones though, not cold (like stainless steel). Opt for aged brass or gold accents instead and make your space shine!

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