Barbara Oxland

Born under the Australian sun.  Raised in Byron Bay.  Cultivated in Paris. Refined on the Great Barrier Reef.

Barbara was born to create

From her childhood in Sydney, Barbara's drawings won prizes and were published in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Her talents flourished in graphic design, floristry and fine arts studies, culminating in her own florist boutique and styling of her own homes.

Byron Bay beach girl

During her 20 years in Byron Bay, she developed a successful Airbnb business.  With an emerging intuitive sense of interior style, Barbara offset crystal chandeliers, exotic antique furniture and natural fabrics against her own artwork and tropical plants, underlined by a minimal aesthetic.

A passion for Paris

A spontaneous move to Paris prompted a blossoming of her photography skills, where she spent more time photographing ancient architecture and exquisite gardens than attending French classes.

Palm trees and paradise

More recently, a sojourn on Australia’s tropical Great Barrier Reef inspired a formal career in photography.  Developing a luminous, storytelling photography style, she became sought after by retail boutiques and Airbnb owners to showcase their businesses.

La vie en rose

Barbara's photography style is the natural culmination of years of travel, her reverence for natural beauty and search for simple yet meaningful living.  She considers her artwork to be windows on your wall to where you'd rather be.

Her curated collections are offered with the desire to create a visual vacation in your home ... and inspire your own wild and wandering heart.