Mission Beach coconut palm trees blue skyRESPONSIBLE LUXURY

We care for our planet so you can feel proud of every product you purchase in our boutique for your home.

Our collections are proudly designed in Byron Bay, Australia and produced ethically and sustainably by skilled artisans in London, UK.

Embracing the principles of slow design, Barbara designs high quality timeless pieces to be cherished for years to come, equating to less landfill waste.


The creation of your item is commenced only when your order is placed and is lovingly handmade to order. We hold no stock, nor do we produce products beyond need.  

Our shipping costs and carbon emissions are kept as low as possible, as all of our items are made in one facility and sent directly to you.

Very little water is used in our creation process and we ensure ink waste is disposed of properly, so nothing leaks into the environment.


We offer 100% vegan, natural, biodegradable and organic products as well as items produced from recycled materials.

We source locally wherever possible and use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials.

Our fabric waste output is reduced by gifting fabric remnants to craft makers and other artisans who desire a creative challenge.

For further illumination on our practices, please contact bonjour@barbaraoxland.com.